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Know us by our Values


There are no compromises when it comes to safety.

Integrity & Ethics

We are committed to ensuring ethical and impartial business practices.

Trust & Respect

We believe that trust is a belief in employees and respect is trust in action.


We hold ourselves to a common expectation that each is responsible for words, actions and results.


We enable our team to use and develop their skills, knowledge, experience and creativity to the fullest potential.

Company history

Narda Safety Test Solutions is an Italian electronic company that was founded in the 1970s under the name PMM, operating in the radiofrequency sector. Today, it specializes in the design, production, and distribution of equipment, instruments, and EMC and SAFETY measurement systems, as well as analog and digital radiofrequency equipment. Additionally, the company is involved in the marketing of electronic instruments in general.

NARDA STS is equipped with an Open Area Test Site (O.A.T.S.) for radiated measurements, which is used for both in-house measurements and third-party services.

Since 1980, through the Radioelectric Measurements Center (“CMR”), it has been providing measurement services and consultancy for third parties in the field of RF measurements in general and electromagnetic compatibility in particular. It also serves as SIT N° 008 of the National Calibration Service.
In 1981, PMM was recognized as a Calibration Service Center (Servizio di Taratura in Italia) with number 08/E, and currently performs calibrations traceable to national standards for the quantities of “Radiofrequency Power,” “Frequency,” and “Electromagnetic Field Intensity.”

In 1985, PMM was included in the register of laboratories authorized by the Ministry for the implementation and coordination of initiatives in support of Scientific and Technological Research (LIGURIA – II list – No. 159), referring to Article 4 of Law 46/1982. This allows small and medium-sized industries to commission projects and consultancy to PMM.
Since 1991, a person from the company has actively participated in the standardization activities of the Italian Electrotechnical Committee (CEI) as a full member of Technical Committee 110 (EMC) and all its subcommittees, a member of TC210 of CENELEC (WG2 and WG4) and SC210/WG4, coordinator of a working group (WG15) in IEC/TC77, and Italian representative in CISPR/A, B, F, and G.