6630 – USB RF power sensor 9 kHz – 3 GHz, 1 W


The 6630 Power Sensor is the go-to solution for precise true RMS RF power measurement across a spectrum of applications. Its utility spans EMC immunity tests, CDN/clamp calibration, and assessing input power for antennas/GTEM cells. By providing true RMS readings, it ensures a more accurate depiction of RF power levels, offering invaluable insights for various testing and calibration tasks.

For users seeking additional flexibility, the optional 6630FOA Fiber Optic Adapter proves indispensable. This accessory extends communication capabilities up to 80 meters via a fiber optic link, freeing users from the constraints of traditional cables. In environments where electromagnetic interference is a concern, such as bulk current injection tests and in-chamber installations, the 6630FOA excels, offering unparalleled immunity and reliability.

Combining the 6630 Power Sensor with the 6630FOA Fiber Optic Adapter guarantees top-notch accuracy, versatility, and resilience, making it the ultimate choice for RF power measurement endeavors. Narda’s commitment to mastering the art of RF power measurement is evident in the precision and reliability of the 6630 Power Sensor, empowering users to tackle even the most demanding measurement tasks with confidence.