EP-600 series
5 kHz – 26.5 GHz

Wideband electric field probes

Probes EP-600 series are available in the following versions

  • EP-600, 100 kHz – 9.25 GHz, 0.14 – 140 V/m
  • EP-601, 10 kHz – 9.25 GHz, 0.5 – 500 V/m
  • EP-602, 5 kHz – 9.25 GHz, 1.5 – 1500 V/m
  • EP-603, 300 kHz – 18 GHz, 0.17 – 170 V/m
  • EP-604, 300 kHz – 26.5 GHz, 0.4 – 800 V/m


The EP-600 series probes represent the core of versatility and precision in the realm of electric field sensing. Characterized by their exceptionally small-sized spherical symmetrical configuration, these probes redefine the standard for miniature and optical communication in broadband sensors. Their lightweight and miniaturized electronics, coupled with outstanding RF characteristics, establish the EP-600 series as the go-to solution for a myriad of applications.

Whether deployed in EMC/EMI testing chambers, TEM/GTEM cells, biology laboratories, or materials research facilities, these probes excel in delivering fast and accurate measurements. Their design ensures negligible or minimum interference with the field under measurement, guaranteeing reliable and precise results in various environments.

Moreover, the EP-600 series offers the convenience of accredited calibration upon request, providing users with additional assurance of measurement accuracy and reliability. From stringent industrial standards to cutting-edge scientific research, these probes stand ready to meet the diverse needs of professionals across different fields.