Series 9010/XXP
10 Hz – 6 GHz

Full/Pre compliance receivers

Receivers 9010/xxp are available in the following versions:

  • 9010/03P, 10 Hz – 300 MHz
  • 9010/30P, 10 Hz – 3 GHz
  • 9010/60P, 10 Hz – 6 GHz



Narda-PMM has developed new EMI / EMC receivers based on an innovative concept and a revolutionary approach to meet the needs of small and medium-sized laboratories that do not find it convenient to invest in a receiver conforming to the CISPR 16-1-1 also for radiated measurements.

They are a perfect mix of full and Pre-Compliance to meet, in a perfect way, the requirements of practical tests, not excluding the possibility of future upgrades to 100% Full-Compliant to CISPR 16-1-1 up to 3, 6 or 18 GHz the simple addition of an external unit, 9030, 9060 or 9180, connected via fiber optic cable.

The 9010 / xxP series receivers, are full compliance in accordance with the CISPR 16-1-1 in the band A and B and pre compliance in the next