Three-phase plus neutral 9 kHz – 30 MHz
Double frontal three-phase socket 32A and Schuko 16A

The L3-32 is fully compliant to:

  • CISPR 16-1-2
  • VDE 0876
  • FCC part 15
  • MIL-STD 461F


The L3-32 is a 3 phase LISN, used for RFI measurements on AC three-phase, power supplied electric and electronic equipment. It supports up to 32 ampere and is equipped with a frontal single-phase socket, for the most common devices.

The L3-32 ia a three line V-network with an equivalent circuit of 50 ohm // (5ohm + 50μH), equipped with a high pass filter 150 kHz – 30 MHz, suited to perform measurements on conducted interference in the frequency range from 9 kHz to 30 MHz.

Designed according to criteria of cheaply and compactness it can be used together with every PMM-Narda receiver, also in remote,  for conducted interference, like the 9010F, or any other RF receiver.